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Made skateparks - the most interesting projects

  • Skatepark Lillehammer (Norge)

    Skatepark Lillehammer (Norge)

    Vi avsluttet vår første realisering i Norge .Dette er konkret skatepark i Lillehammer. Hele hotellet ble gjennomført høsten 2014 .     Designer concept of skatrepark: Fritjof C. Krogvold -  &  ...

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  • Skatepark Lillehammer (Norsk)

    Skatepark Lillehammer (Norsk)

    Vi avsluttet vår første realisering i Norge .Dette er konkret skatepark i Lillehammer. Hele hotellet ble gjennomført høsten 2014 .

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  • Skatepark Szklarska Poreba

    Skatepark Szklarska Poreba

    Phyramid, Podjazd: grindbox, grindbox + grindrail, Bank – wall, Funbox for jumping, Spine, Quarter pipe, London – gap + Grindrail

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  • Concrete skatepark in Wolsztyn

    Concrete skatepark in Wolsztyn

    Bowl, stairs with grindbox + grindrail and londongap, volcano, grindbench, driveway with grindray and ledge, Bank ramp with grindbox with driveway, Gap with grindbox, Quater pipe 100 on bank ramp, Quater pipe, Funbox with jumping, wave, ledge, Grindrail, Grindbanch arc,...

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  • Skatepark Krakow

    Skatepark Krakow

    Quarter pipe, Bank ramp with grindbox, Funbox phyramid, Wave, Wall, Bank ramp, Grindbox, Funbox with grindbox

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  • Skateplaza w Torzymiu

    Skateplaza w Torzymiu

    Quoter, Platform with Grindboxes, Pole Jam, Rail, Manual with Kicker, Grindbox, Grindbox-stairs, Grindbenches,

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  • Skatepark in Swieradow Zdroj

    Skatepark in Swieradow Zdroj

    Bank ramp, Funbox with grindbox 3/3, Funbox with rail 2/3 + manualbox, Quarte pipe + roll-in, 2x Grindbox, Straight rail - profile O, Quarter pipe, Miniramp H120

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  • Concrete Skatepark in Olkusz

    Concrete Skatepark in Olkusz

          Olkusz Skatepark i'ts finally opened apart from an skatepark you can find there pump truck, drit park, spot with train and pump truck.

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  • Betonowy skatepark w Opolu

    Betonowy skatepark w Opolu

    03-08-2012 On Friday we finished building skatepark in Opole !           One Day - new skatepark in Opole from Techramps on Vimeo .

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  • Stopnica


    Miniramp , Quarter pipe, Funbox + grindrail, Bank ramp, Grindbox 9, Poręcz „C”, Grindbench 1, Pole jam, Grindbench 1, Grindbox 1, Grindrail, Grindbox , Quarter pipe

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  • Skateplaza in Krakow

    Skateplaza in Krakow

            The investment structure of skateplaza in Krakow Mistrzejowice was ended.   Official opening of the facility will be held for three weeks after a final validate document ....

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  • Skatepark in Campdevànol

    Skatepark in Campdevànol

    Address: C/ Onze de Setembre, 17530 Campdevanol (Girona), Spain. Dimensions of skatepark's square: 29m x 15m. Surface of skatepark: concrete. Elements of skatepark: Quarter Pipe, Bank Ramp, Funbox with grindrail, Funbox with grindbox, MiniRamp,...

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  • Skatepark Milowka

    Skatepark Milowka

    Miniramp + bowl + 2 x quarter pipe 90st, Funbox with grindrail, grindrail, grindbox with quarter pipe, Bank ramp 30st, Quarter pipe, Grindbench x 2, Grindrail

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  • Concrete Skateplaza for the Woodcamp 2013

    Concrete Skateplaza for the Woodcamp 2013

    Concrete Skateplaza has been designed for the needs of the skateboarding Woodcamp

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  • Skatepark Wachock.

    Skatepark Wachock.

    Update: Techramps's crew checked out what's new in Wąchock. As you can see, after 3 years of intensive exploitation the skatepark looks still great!        

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  • Skatepark in Jastrzebie Zdroj

    Skatepark in Jastrzebie Zdroj

    Address: ul. Turystyczna. Dimensions of skatepark's square: 35m x 20m.   Surface of skatepark: concrete.   Elements of skatepark: Quarter with rollin (height 200/250cm), Funbox for jumps (width 488cm, height 140cm), Spin ramp (height...

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  • Concrete skatepark in Trzebież

    Concrete skatepark in Trzebież

    Platform with quarters, Bank Ramp, Platform + hubba + fallen rail – profile [], Platform with jumbox + grindbox + Rail 2/3

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  • Pool-Kraków


    Below photos of Pool in Forum hotel at Konopnickiej 28 Str. Pool, builded in former swimming-pool in Forum hotel, is first covered object of this type in Poland. Photos from Emerica Techramps Cracow Bowl Challenge 28-29.06.2008

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  • Skatepark in Kielce

    Skatepark in Kielce

    Miniramp H120 + + Bank Ramp Quarter Pipe Funbox pyramid 1, Quarter pyramid Gap + wall, 2 x Bank of + London + gap + stair handrail-profile Grindbox + Bank + Double Set The railing is simple - the profile of O Wallride wall, Poll jam + bank "Pier 7 - San Francisco +...

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  • Concrete skatepark on Radzionkow

    Concrete skatepark on Radzionkow

    25-06-2010 we put into operation a concrete skatepark for the city Radzionkow. Skatepark has been equipped with small min. in the middle of Poole and street sections of walls, stairs and handrails. Skatepark is equipped with an additional small concrete grandstand and...

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  • Skatepark in Dziwnów

    Skatepark in Dziwnów

    Dziwnów mini skatepark. Location: M. Konopnickiej Str.

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  • Red Bull Skate Arcade 2013

    Red Bull Skate Arcade 2013


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  • Skatepark in Skierniewice

    Skatepark in Skierniewice

    Address: ul. Konwaliowa.   Dimensions of skatepark's square: ab. 51m x 18m.   Surface of skatepark: concrete.   Elements of skatepark: Bank ramp, Funbox with disaster box and rainbow rail, Quarter Pipe, 2 x Grindbox, 2 x Grindbench,...

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  • Woodcamp 2008 skatepark

    Woodcamp 2008 skatepark

    We finished extension of the skatepark for Woodcamp 2008. A new element has been added, that is a wall. Below you can see how the skatepark looks now.     Photos from Techramps' Workshops on first period of Woodcamp 2008 (2.07.08)....

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  • Skatepark in Sroda Wielkopolska

    Skatepark in Sroda Wielkopolska

    Platform with miniramp, Bank with quarter and rollin, Funbox with pyramid, Jumpbox with miniquarter.

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  • Skatepark in Włoszczowa

    Skatepark in Włoszczowa

    Skatepark is located on terrain of Center of Sport And Recreation at Wiśniowa 30 Str.

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  • Skatepark in Pobierowo

    Skatepark in Pobierowo

    Skatepark in Pobierowo. Location: Moniuszki Str.

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  • Mobile skatepark to lend

    Mobile skatepark to lend

    Mobile skatepark to lend.  

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  • Skatepark Odessa

    Skatepark Odessa

    Dimensions of skatepark's square: 40m x 40m.   Surface of skatepark: concrete.   Elements of skatepark: Quarter pipe, Bank ramp x2, Funbox with grindbox and rail, Funbox for jumps, Grindbench x2, Broken rail, Straight rail – profile x2....

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  • Snowpark Priv - Oskar

    Snowpark Priv - Oskar

    Tbox, Drop, Quoter,

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  • Skatepark in Bedzin

    Skatepark in Bedzin

    6 Stairs with 2 grindboxes and grindrail, Broken rail 90st, Grindbench 1, London gap, Broken rail profil [], Grindbox, Funbox pyramid with grindrail, Funbox Mulda, Pole jam, Grindbench 2, 4 Stairs, Broken rail, Manual box, Miniramp H 150

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  • Skatepark Slopnice

    Skatepark Slopnice

    Bank ramp, Quarter pipe, Funbox with grindbox 3/3 + grindrail 1/3, Funbox phyramid 2, Grindbox 2, Grindrail

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  • Szamotuły Skatepark

    Szamotuły Skatepark

    Quarter pipe, bank ramp, Grindbench, funbox with rail, grindbox.

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  • Miniramp Mierzyn

    Miniramp Mierzyn


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  • Vert Ramp Cracow

    Vert Ramp Cracow

    Vert Ramp

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  • Skatepark Toruń

    Skatepark Toruń

    Quarter pipe + Roll-in, funbox with grindbox, rail, quarter pipe + bank ramp.

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  • Skatepark Psary

    Skatepark Psary

    Quarter pipe, bank ramp, funbox with rail and grindbox, funbox pyramid with grindbox and rail, grindbox, rail.

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  • Skatepark Izbica

    Skatepark Izbica

    Miniramp, bank ramp, funbox with grindbox and rail, quarter pipe, straight rail.

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  • Skatepark Czerniejewo

    Skatepark Czerniejewo

    Bank ramp, quarter pipe, Grindbench, rail - profil, funbox

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  • Skatepark Gdańsk

    Skatepark Gdańsk


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  • Skatepark Bobolice

    Skatepark Bobolice

    Quarter pipe, Funbox with rail, manual box, pole jam, rail

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  • Skatepark Żagań

    Skatepark Żagań

    3x quarter pipe, bank ramp,london gap 2x flat grindbox, down rail with grindbox, grindbox with down rail and stairs, manual box, 2x grindbox, rail.

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  • Pumptrack in Boleszkowice (PL)

    Pumptrack in Boleszkowice (PL)

    Modular pumptrack PC2 in Boleszkowice (PL). Track length: 45 m.

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  • Skatepark Świecie

    Skatepark Świecie

    Miniramp, bank ramp, funbox with grindbox, quarter pipe,stairs, grindobxes, rail

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  • Skatepark Kowary

    Skatepark Kowary


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  • Skatepark Pilawa

    Skatepark Pilawa


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  • Skatepark Rymanów

    Skatepark Rymanów

    Quarter pipe, Funbox z poręczą 2/3, Funbox z grindboxem 2/3, Funbox piramida 1, Bank ramp, Ławka 1, Poręcz prosta – profil, Grindbox 10.

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  • Minirampa Chałupy

    Minirampa Chałupy

        You can order the miniramp here . The video shows the assembly process in timelapse:   Minirampa Junior - from Techramps on Vimeo .

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  • Skatepark Teresin

    Skatepark Teresin

    Quarter pipe + bank ramp Funbox + rail 2/3 Wave

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  • Skatepark Kowalewo Pomorskie - rozbudowa

    Skatepark Kowalewo Pomorskie - rozbudowa

    Roll In +quarter pipe Jumpbox Resi Jumpbox Quarter pipe Spin

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