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Renting mobile skatepark

Renting mobile skatepark


More than a dozen devices included in the skatepark to the any configuration, from a mini skatepark with a few obstacles, and ending with a powerful facility which meets the needs of both deskarzy, rollerbladers and BMX-ers.




For a simpler illustration of the types (sizes) skateparków present photos of their modular nature.

1st Mini-skatepark - perfect for small events skateboard.

2nd The average skatepark - the average size of competitions in all disciplines.

3rd Large skatepark - the larger events.


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The elements of a mobile skatepark, you can also join Funbox for jumping. In addition, we also offer a mobile skatepark minirampy mobile rental. Below are some photos and a new funboxu minirampy for jumping.

 Minirampa for rent


Funbox  jump for rent