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AvePark Warszawa


AvePark Warszawa

Address: Krakowiaków

Skatepark option: Indoor

Dimension square skatepark: 500 m2

Year: 2016





Check out the first object of this type in Poland! AvePark was built in cooperation with Techrams, and has been opened several days ago! AvePark with its 500 square meters of surface area contains a skatepark, a sponge pool for beginners and a trampoline. During designing phase the concept was changed few times, to provide open 365 days a year skatepark with heating in our capital. Some of the obstacles: jumbox, sponge pool, funbox, platform and miniramp. Opening hours of the park: Tuesday - Friday: 2:30PM - 9PM, Saturday - Sunday: 12:00 AM - 8:45PM. Don't have an equipment? It is not a big problem - there is a rental office in AvePArk. We willl also hold riding lessons for youth at the weekends.


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