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Skatepark Strzyżów


Skatepark Strzyżów

Address: Ul. Słowackiego przy Domu Kultury

Skatepark option: Standard

Skatepark surface: Asfalt

Year: 2021

Skatepark elements: Quarter Pipe 90 - 422x422x120 Quarter Pipe 45 - 448x528x120 Funbox with 3/3 grindbox + Funbox with handrail - 660x488x45 Bank Ramp pyramid - 433x444x120 Straight handrail - 400x5x35 Pumptrack Line 2 Medium

In Strzyżów at ul. Słowackiego, next to the Cultural Center, we have built a modular skatepark in standard technology, equipped with, among others, in 2 quarter pipes with different degrees of inclination, funbox with 3/3 grindbox + funbox with handrail, pyramid bank ramp and a small pumptrack line 2 medium.

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