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Skatepark in Poznan


Skatepark in Poznan

Address: os. Piastowskie 106a

Year: 2009

Skatepark is intended primarily for BMX riders but skateboarders and in-line skaters can find a place for themselves. Skatepark, designed in collaboration with young people, contains a high and broad elements. On the large square there are: quarters, spin ramps, wall, extended platform, several grindboxes and a long rail.

Address: os. Piastowskie 106a.

Surface of skatepark: concrete.

Elements of skatepark: 2 x Quarter Pipe, Jump Rolin, a set of 2Q&B + Wall, Hip Ramp, 2 x Spin Ramp, Quarter 90deg., Double Hip, Platform, 5 x Grindbox, 2 x Grind Bench, Grind Rail.


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